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Bod Cantwell

An important part in your journey to finding a therapist in Manchester is trying to get a feel for them through your research.

One of the most important aspects about my approach is being able to generate warmth, friendliness and to put you at ease as quickly as possible. Feeling comfortable and confident will help accelerate the therapeutic process.

Where on its own these conditions can be a huge benefit they are also supplemented by the latest scientific interventions that have been shown to work again and again.

Bod Cantwell - Manchester Therapist

Areas Of Specialty

Panic Attacks and disorders



Bi Polar

Personality Disorders

Health Anxiety

Relationship Issues


Social Anxiety and shyness


I had been struggling with OCD for years when I came to see Bod – several treatments with the NHS had worked for a short time but I soon found myself with the same intrusive thoughts and rituals. I didn’t realise CBT could be so different, working with Bod was challenging but it was also fun and I really appreciated that we could laugh together. I found within a few sessions my symptoms had reduced and after 12 weeks I felt ready to end. For the first time my OCD is under control and if I have a relapse I know what I need to do straight away. Thank you Bod for your time.

Peter – OCD

Bods compassion and kindness with his knowledge and skills helped me though one of the toughest periods of my life. Losing my partner shattered my life and I thought I could never be happy again. Bod helped me understand the ability to have conflicting emotion at the same time and through time I started to feel a touch of normality (well a new normal). That was a year ago and I visited Bod for a booster session. The difference in myself I cannot believe and it really is possible to find a new normality even after something so devastating.

Jenny –  Bereavement

Thank you Bod for helping me with my anxiety I thought it would stop me from doing anything. Now I have joined clubs go swimming and making new friends. Six months ago I couldn’t even leave the house in fear something bad would happen.

Michael – Social Anxiety

First Session Anxiety

Warm, Friendly and Meaningful, Therapeutic Engagement

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