Adult & Child Psychotherapist

Cheryl is a skilled practitioner; her experience & clinical skills enhance her ability to form immediate, collaborative relationships with clients. Qualified in both Social Work and Psychotherapy Cheryl is experienced in working with both children and adults; she can utilise a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including CBT, DBT and EMDR. These models underpin her capacity to work with both ‘standard’ disorders including generalised anxiety, panic disorder, OCD & depression.

Having worked for the NHS for a number of years, Cheryl is familiar in treating complex cases including personality disorders (also known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorders), trauma (both single event & complex), personality disorders & attachment.

With significant expertise and a wealth of clinical knowledge, Cheryl is perfectly placed to aid you on your therapeutic journey. If you’re looking for support in identifying underlying issues; root causes and to create a bespoke treatment plan, then Cheryl would be a perfect match.

Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays 11am – 9pm.

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