Dr Cheryl Taylor

Adult, Child and Couples Therapist

Cheryl is an individual who has managed to acquire a vast amount of psychological and therapeutic knowledge through studying degrees, masters, and doctorates in a field that gives her unprecedent abilities and talents. Cheryl is skilled at identifying individuals’ issues, the root causes and most importantly the most effective treatment strategies to ensure all her clients move towards successful outcomes. What sets Cheryl aside is that she has been able to contain her academic and therapeutic knowledge within a warm and down to earth personal persona, which means you will be at ease from the first moment you meet her and by the end of your first session confident in her ability to help you achieve your goals.

Cheryl has trained in multiple therapeutic approaches including:




Integrative Psychotherapy

Couples and Relationship Therapy

Children’s Therapy

Cheryl is trained in both assessments and creating formulations which allows her to give “Working diagnosis” and identify mental health conditions if necessary. Cheryl is trained to identify psychological damage which has been caused in childhood, that can lead to issues in adult hood including attachment disorders and BPD/EUPD. Most importantly Cheryl has the skills and strategies to help heal the damage and allow people to live a life that feels remarkably different from when they first started with her.

Cheryl also has training and particular interests in Neurological impacts which makes her adapt at being able to identify both ADHD and Autism and help clients both manage but, when necessary, navigate the systems to achieve a quicker diagnosis. 

What makes Cheryl the ideal therapist is that she knows her “stuff” which means she can deal with the most complex and challenging of cases, but she can help anyone achieve personal growth and fulfilment, even if they don’t feel they meet the criteria of “complex”

What you will see from Cheryl’s reviews on google is people often come to her after trying other therapist. Often, they feel disenchanted as they have been expected to just talk and fill a session with their issues with no real direction or outcome. People often are ready to give up. One session with Cheryl is enough to restore hope in the process and more importantly restore hope in themselves that feeling different is not only possible but within their reach.