Psychotherapy, Counselling & EMDR

Adult Therapist and EMDR specialist, Face to Face and Online

Sarah stands out in the field of psychotherapy with her unique blend of holistic and scientific approaches, tailored to meet the individual needs of her clients. Her extensive background across various settings has honed her ability to offer warmth and immediate connection, making her a sought-after therapist whose calendar fills up quickly. Clients are drawn to her compassionate presence, often choosing to stay with her for their journey of healing and self-discovery.


Personalised Approach: Sarah’s therapy sessions are guided by the specific needs and goals of her clients. Her commitment to continuous learning and the application of the latest research ensures that she is always at the forefront of therapeutic innovation.

Versatile Expertise: Whether you’re facing complex challenges or seeking deeper personal insight, Sarah’s broad expertise allows her to draw from both traditional psychotherapeutic methods and more creative techniques. Her therapeutic approach includes person-centred therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and transactional analysis.

Trauma Specialisation: Sarah is qualified in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and specialises in trauma, offering effective support and treatment for those with traumatic experiences.

Diverse Client Base: In her private practice, Sarah specialises in addressing anxiety, childhood trauma, and complex relationship dynamics, including family, romantic, sibling, and friendship issues. She provides extensive support to individuals within the neurodiverse community and offers affirming, informed support to those navigating issues of gender and sexuality. A significant portion of her client base comprises individuals from the LGBTQ+ community.


Sarah believes in the power of a strong therapeutic relationship as the foundation for effective therapy. From the very first contact, she strives to build trust and rapport, making her clients feel comfortable and keen to return. Her approach is not just about addressing immediate concerns but also about empowering clients for long-term growth and resilience.

Sarah’s therapeutic style is characterised by collaboration, engagement, and accessibility. She tackles issues straightforwardly, employing creative and practical solutions. Rather than addressing surface-level symptoms, Sarah delves into the core of matters to facilitate genuine understanding, self-acceptance, and healing from within.