I had been struggling with OCD for years when I came to see Bod – several treatments with the NHS had worked for a short time but I soon found myself with the same intrusive thoughts and rituals. I didn’t realise CBT could be so different, working with Bod was challenging but it was also fun and I really appreciated that we could laugh together. I found within a few sessions my symptoms had reduced and after 12 weeks I felt ready to end. For the first time my OCD is under control and if I have a relapse I know what I need to do straight away. Thank you Bod for your time.

Peter – OCD

Bods compassion and kindness with his knowledge and skills helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life. Losing my partner shattered my life and I thought I could never be happy again. Bod helped me understand the ability to have conflicting emotion at the same time and through time I started to feel a touch of normality (well a new normal). That was a year ago and I visited Bod for a booster session. The difference in myself I cannot believe and it really is possible to find a new normality even after something so devastating.

Jenny –  Bereavement

Thank you Bod for helping me with my anxiety I thought it would stop me from doing anything. Now I have joined clubs go swimming and I am making new friends. Six months ago I couldn’t even leave the house in fear something bad would happen.

Michael – Social Anxiety

I have never felt so challenged before. Getting to explore every corner of myself and understanding not only how my brain works, but why has helped me deal with symptoms so severe I would usually be sedated. Thank you.

Andrea – Severe Generalised Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I love how Bod would explain everything in detail and draw it out. Understanding what I was experiencing was normal made me feel so much better.

Kim – Trauma

I had no idea I had social anxiety when I first started seeing Bod – now it makes perfect sense – I used booze and drugs to cover up that I actually felt out of place and ill-equipped to deal being in social situations. Treating my social anxiety meant I had less interest in alcohol and going out. I never thought I could ever be in a social situation in public until Bod pushed me and all the bad things I thought would happen didn’t. I loved all the techniques Bod taught me to deal with my anxiety. I will never forget them.

Phillip – Social Anxiety and addiction

Post-Traumatic Stress makes you feel you are going crazy. Thank you for your patience and your knowledge on how the brain works. I never thought I would get through this but you made it feel easy.

Simon – Trauma

My panic attacks were so embarrassing I though everyone was watching me. I had no idea that I could get over them. I know it’s not but it almost feels like magic.

Sam – Panic Attacks

No one understands depression. I spent almost 12 months not being able to get out of bed, when I started seeing Bod I was a mess. Within weeks I was getting up and making myself tea and toast, for me this was a break through. I finished with Bod last week, I have found a part time job and I volunteer and a local Animal Shelter, I have friends! Thank you Bod.

Mary – Severe Depression

Bod has just the right degree of friendliness, warmth and professionalism, its nothing like you see on TV although we did talk about my relationship with my mum and dad. Thank you Bod you turned a challenging part of my life right around.

AlexandraRelationship and Anger

I just wanted to get over the loss of my relationship and be ok again. Bod helped me understand why rejection wounded me so deeply and why relationships were so difficult for me to form and keep. It’s like he dismantled me and together we built me up with how I wanted to be. Now I know things are going to be better for me.

Mark – Relationship

I was so stressed at work and I felt like everyone was “just get over it” “were all stressed” Bod made me feel like my problems were real. Seeing things from another perspective helped me find solutions when before there were none. I thought the one solution was to leave my job. I got a promotion last week and I am happy again!

Annie – Work Stress and Anxiety

I have had counselling before and always feels it grinds to a low end with lots of silences and I still haven’t got what I needed. Bod approach feels structured and collaborative, I knew where I was going and he would always check in to see if I was happy. I liked that I could change the direction if needed but he knew exactly where we were going and what the outcome was going to be.

Ben – Relationship Issues

I didn’t know treating my phobia would be so quick and simple I spent years in the wrong type of counselling!

Sarah – Phobia

Thank you Bod – I never thought I would get over my break up.

Andrew – Relationship Issues

Thank you Bod for helping me overcome my driving anxiety!

Cath – Driving Anxiety and Phobia

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