CBT Therapy IN Manchester


What is Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT)?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is directive and structured; it puts you in the driving seat and equips you with knowledge and understanding of your inner workings. With this knowledge we work collaboratively to bring change to the areas of your choice.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can work in two ways. We can work quickly; identifying the symptoms which cause you the most distress; applying interventions to remedy the symptoms as quickly as possible. Or we can spend time exploring why these symptoms are occurring in the first place and look to dissolve the root cause which in turn will eradicate the symptoms.

How we work; and how long we spend together; is driven by you and I will help you decide this in our first few sessions.

Pluralistic and Integrative approaches

CBT does not appeal to everyone. Some like a less structured and less directive approach and instead want to come across ideas and realisations on their own. Through a pluralistic intervention we can help identify, and process, issues that have been stored up or locked away. Using the relationship we build, plus creative tools and interventions that suit you as a person, we can tailor a plan that brings maximum results.

Both treatments are valid and can deliver the same outcome; the destination is the same, the journey just a little different.

In our first session we will conduct an assessment as discuss treatment options. You will decide what feels right for you and we will review our progress regularly.

How long does CBT last?

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) uses a scientifically proven method to make change happen. The process is collaborative but can feel more structured and directive than traditional counselling. There are many choices with CBT which enables the process to be tailor made to suit your unique needs. CBT is time limited and in a lot of cases issues can be resolved within 12 sessions.

There may be times when more extended periods of therapy are required; this will be discussed throughout sessions. You will always maintain control of your sessions and when you would like to finish.


I love how Bod would explain everything in detail and draw it out. Understanding what I was experiencing was normal made me feel so much better.

Kim – Trauma

I just wanted to get over the loss of my relationship and be ok again. Bod helped me understand why rejection wounded me so deeply and why relationships were so difficult for me to form and keep. It’s like he dismantled me and together we built me up with how I wanted to be. Now I know things are going to be better for me.

Mark – Relationship

I had been struggling with OCD for years when I came to see Bod – several treatments with the NHS had worked for a short time but I soon found myself with the same intrusive thoughts and rituals. I didn’t realise CBT could be so different, working with Bod was challenging but it was also fun and I really appreciated that we could laugh together. I found within a few sessions my symptoms had reduced and after 12 weeks I felt ready to end. For the first time my OCD is under control and if I have a relapse I know what I need to do straight away. Thank you Bod for your time.

Peter – OCD

My panic attacks were so embarrassing I though everyone was watching me. I had no idea that I could get over them. I know it’s not but it almost feels like magic.

Sam – Panic Attacks

I didn’t know treating my phobia would be so quick and simple I spent years in the wrong type of counselling!

Sarah – Phobia

Post-Traumatic Stress makes you feel you are going crazy. Thank you for your patience and your knowledge on how the brain works. I never thought I would get through this but you made it feel easy.

Simon – Trauma